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Wayne Jalbert has been a tremendous asset to my practice. He has treated many of my patients with diverse neurologic conditions.

Patients suffering from headache and migraine have greatly benefited from his massage and tailored stretching programs.  Even patients with daily headache have greatly reduced their headache frequency allowing them to avoid the need for prescription medications. 

In addition to headache patients I have entrusted him with patients of all ages suffering from musculoskeletal conditions such as back ad neck pain, hamstring tendinitis and chronic cervico-cranial syndrome.

Feedback from patients has been overwhelmingly positive with regard to Wayne and his services including comments about his attentiveness, compassion, professionalism and effectiveness.

Massage therapy from someone as skilled as Wayne can serve as a primary therapeutic modality for headache syndromes or as complimentary therapy even for a wide range of neurologic conditions including multiple sclerosis, late effects of stroke, Parkinson’s disease and ALS.

I routinely recommend Wayne Jalbert to many of my patients without any reservation knowing that they will receive great care and attention.

Louis A. Tramontozzi III, M.D.

Board Certified in Neurology and Neuromuscular Medicine

North Shore Neurology & EMG



Name: Joan Rossi

Message: I had great experiences with Wayne's work. He knows what is needed for me every session and communicates with me on what my concerns are and what treatments are appropriate. My body feels so good afterward. His attention to detail is apparent; he really cares about the client.

Name: Tim Kelliher

Message: Wayne's hands are magic! Total relief of low back pain and shoulder pain. Obviously knows his anatomy and multiple massage techniques.

 Name: Peter Shaw

Message: It has been my privilege to be a massage client of Wayne Jalbert for at least the last five years. During recoveries from knee, shoulder and spinal surgeries Wayne has always adapted his program to fit my specific needs. He has the utmost professionalism and respect for his clients. I look forward to my every-other-week appointments and wish they could be even more frequent.


Name: Anne Perkins


I just want to say that you gave me the BEST massage! Your pressure was perfect and I felt very comfortable. Thank you so much, I will definitely rebook.

Also, my leg wax was so fast and pain-free.

Thanks Wayne!