No need to go through life in pain


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Chronic pain is a problem for many people. There is no need to live everyday in pain. 

The muscles of the body work together for proper posture and movement. When any one muscle is not working properly it has the potential to effect the entire body and even refer pain to other areas of the body. 

A Professional Bodyworker will address the areas causing pain, discomfort and stiffness. Sometimes you may feel pain in one part of the body but the actual cause of the pain is dysfunction in another part of the body. 

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 Many doctors are quick to prescribe pain medication. Pain medication will mask the pain and in most cases not address what is causing the pain. 

A Professional Massage / Muscular Therapist will palpate your muscles, test range of motion and observe your posture and movement. The information gained will help the Professional Massage / Muscular Therapist to restore your muscles balance and in most cases restore pain free living.